O. Henry Museum

O. Henry Museum

If you’ve never visited the O. Henry Museum Austin TX, now is the time to do so. The story behind the museum is fascinating, and is sure to inspire your next literary masterpiece. A true Austin favorite, this museum is located in a historic Victorian cottage where O. Henry lived with his family. While you’re there, you’ll be able to explore the home where the author grew up, along with his wife and daughter.

The O. Henry Museum is housed in the home of famed short story writer William Sydney Porter, or O. Henry. The famed writer wrote classics including The Gift of the Magi, The Ransom of Red Chief, and The Last Leaf. The museum’s exhibits feature original pieces of furniture from Porter’s former home, as well as manuscripts and sheet music that he composed. The museum is free to visit, and docents are on hand to answer questions about the famous writer.

If you’re interested in local history and literary history, the O. Henry Museum is an excellent place to visit. Visitors can tour the house where the prolific short-story writer lived from 1893 to 1895. You can even learn about the author’s childhood by utilizing the museum’s educational materials. In addition, the museum maintains an online visual archive that includes personal items and artifacts. You can even enjoy an audio tour of the house if you don’t want to leave your seat. See More Info

Near the O. Henry Museum, there is also the home of Susanna Dickinson, the only adult Anglo survivor of the Battle of the Alamo. The home was moved and restored in 2003. It contains rare artifacts from the Dickinson family, as well as photos and furniture produced by Joseph Hannig. It’s worth a visit to the museum because it is the only home that features the Dickinson home.

O. Henry Museum

While the O. Henry Museum Austin TX is not as well known as the Museum in Houston or New York City, it’s worth a visit. O. Henry lived in a small Victorian cottage with his wife and daughter. While there, you’ll be able to see where he lived and wrote. There’s even a memorial for his cat, Henry the cat. It’s an interesting place to visit and learn about the man behind the stories.

The house was first located at 308 East Cedar Street, though its exact date of construction is unknown. It has been owned by the City of Austin since 1934. In addition to the Porter family’s personal belongings, the museum houses the artifacts of William Sydney Porter, including his famous bed and table. The house is also a wonderful place to view the history of Austin. It’s a true Austin treasure!

There are several other exhibits in the museum, including two of O. Henry’s wicker chairs. His wife purchased them as a gift for him, and he used the money he saved to buy tickets for the World’s Fair. It is no wonder that he was a favorite of Christmas, as it was the inspiration for a famous short story called Gifts of the Magi. The story is also an ironic Christmas story, where two lovers sell their prized possessions in order to buy the other’s gift. Refer to This Page for Details

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