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The privacy of your home is one way to make it feel like a welcoming escape. A wood fence in Austin, TX, can be the perfect addition so that you can enjoy these spaces peacefully and get some much-needed relaxation. For years, Ace Fence Company has been installing wood fence systems and maintaining them for clients in Austin and the surrounding areas. We offer professional installation, which often includes classic designs to make your home or property aesthetically pleasing while giving you some peace from prying eyes with our several fencing options, including custom-built ornamental iron fences.

Privacy Fence Design Options

Board-on-Board (Shadow Box)

This unique design has been gaining popularity over recent years. Sometimes called board-on-board fencing, these are picket fences with staggered rows of pickets on each side of the fence rails; the pickets on one side of the rails span the gaps between the pickets on the other side of the rails, blocking the view through the fence.

ace wood privacy fence

Lock-Board Wood Privacy Fence

Lock-board fencing is one of the sturdiest wood privacy fences you can buy. Each board is put together in a tongue-and-groove style that establishes a uniform look. This style of fence gives your area complete privacy.

Concave/Convex Wood Privacy Fence

The concave or convex fencing is 4-feet tall and has a gothic or flat style of posts. Its gothic fence posts are sturdy, square posts that come to a point on the top almost like a spade or arrowhead shape.

Dog-eared Wood Privacy Fence

The traditional style of fencing is cut at the top on a slant on either side of the posts. This is the most recommended among all wood privacy fences in Austin, TX.


  • Inexpensive wood privacy fence
  • The spaced dog eared style allows for wind to flow freely through the slats
  • No need to cement the area of posts in the ground
  • Appealing, traditional look while giving you the sense of security and home value
  • This privacy fence can be constructed using various materials like aluminum or vinyl, and pine posts are installed as foundations of the wood fence.
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If security is your top concern, stockade privacy fencing is a wise choice for you. This wood fence consists of side-by-side boards with sharp pointy tops that discourage potential trespassers from climbing it and breaking through onto your land. It’s also perfect as an exterior perimeter wall since it has serrated edges along its top surface, preventing any intruders from scaling over without getting sliced by one of these pointed tips in their process!


This type of fencing is created from narrow boards installed in an open criss-cross pattern, among the most decorative types of privacy fence installation. Latticework creates a beautiful look for your property and provides you added security and protection.

ace ornamental iron fence replacement
ace ornamental iron fence replacement


The picket privacy fence is a traditional design with gaps of one picket width between them, meaning this type of fence won’t block your view. If you like the look but want more privacy, the boards can be placed closer together for an even less obstructed view.

Ace Fence Company Austin – Repair & Replacement is the best choice for installation and repair services. We use only high-quality materials to build our fences, so they’ll last a lifetime! Ace’s experienced installers are courteous and respectful of your property while on site – we ensure not to damage any landscaping or lawns in the process. 

We want to provide customers the experience that no other fence companies can give. We offer fence design consultations free of charge as well! If you want to know more about our privacy fence installations service, call Ace Fence Company or email us to learn more.

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