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Do you need an estimate for a fence installation, fence repair, or replacement? Look no further than Ace Fence Company Austin! We provide timely and accurate fencing estimates for every job, including all the necessary taxes, labor, and materials charges. Our contractors don’t believe in hidden fees or surprise charges!

Whether you’re working with wooden privacy fences, chain link fences, ornamental iron fences, or anything else, we can give you an accurate figure to help you budget for the work and compare different contractors if you wish. Still, we think you’ll choose to hire us due to our honest quotes, competitive prices, and professionalism.

Fence Installation Estimate

Need an estimate for a fence installation? We’ve been installing fences in Austin for many years now, so we can provide you with a price estimate that is accurate, competitive, and realistic for the work being undertaken.

Fence Repair Estimate

Is your fence in need of repair? We can assess the damage and tell you exactly how much it’s going to cost to get the work done, allowing you to make an informed purchasing decision for the fence repair.

Fence Replacement Estimate

Whether it’s wood, iron, or chain link, sometimes a fence is past its glory days and needs replacing with a new one. In this event, it helps to hire a contractor like Ace Fence Company who can provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

Affordable Pricing

Our team of top-rated contractors serves both commercial and residential clients, so feel free to inquire if you want more information about our services. We can install any type of fence or gate and custom-build or weld it to your exact specifications, all for a very affordable price!

Why Choose Us?

Ace Fence Company Austin – Repair & Replacement has served Austin and the surrounding areas for many years, earning a stellar reputation for ourselves due to our hard work, polite team, and longstanding structures. Our gates and fences have survived some of the most brutal storms and hailstones that Texas offers, leading to many word-of-mouth recommendations.

We know exactly what a strong fence in Austin is up against, so we use construction methods designed to withstand the weather and extreme heat. The Ace Fence Company team is proud to use top-quality materials and tools sourced from local suppliers, helping to stimulate the local economy.

We Also Offer Custom Built Fences

We build and install custom-built fences in Austin, TX. The highly trained team here at Ace Fence Company can work with various fencing materials including wood, chain link, and iron, building or welding bespoke fences and gates that meet your personal requirements.

It doesn’t matter what materials, size, or style you need – we can build 100% custom fences and give you an accurate price for the work beforehand. Our team enjoys the challenge of building something bespoke, so feel free to ask us for an estimate on your unique fence design.

What to Consider When Requesting A Fencing Estimate?

When requesting a fencing estimate, we must take into consideration how tall you want your fence to be, what material it’s going to be made from, how much land the fence will cover, and whether you want any bespoke elements. We will also take into account labor, materials, and any taxes/fees we need to legally charge.

If you’re looking for a custom-welded ornamental iron fence, you can expect to pay more. On the other hand, a basic wooden fence will be a lot cheaper and a chain-link fence will be in the mid-price range. At our local fencing company, we can build any type of fence or gate and all our prices are extremely competitive!

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Need an estimate for fence installation? Look no further than Ace Fence Company! Whether you’re installing a wooden privacy fence or a chain link security perimeter, we can accurately estimate the cost of the work and give you an approximate price that will be very close to the bottom line price.

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Ace Fence Company is a professional gate and fence company in Austin, specializing in a wide variety of structures made from wood, iron, chain link, and other materials.

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