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Have you ever seen a fence with decorative designs pieced into the metal? Ornamental iron and wrought iron are two types of fences you may hear about in Austin, Texas. Ornamental ironwork fences and bull panel fences in Austin are perfect for front yards and porches. But if safety is more of your concern, wrought-iron fencing will give you that peace of mind without compromising on beauty!

Ace Fence Company provides services for ornamental steel or wrought-metal fences to Austin homeowners like yourself at affordable prices. You’ll be able to choose which one will best suit your needs while staying within budget limitations as well as time constraints too. We can help you create an outdoor space where you feel safe and comfortable enough to entertain friends while catching up over cocktails–in style!

Ornamental Fence V.S Wrought Iron Fence

The biggest difference between these two types of fences is the material they are made from.

Wrought Iron fences are products of the raw element of iron, a naturally existing substance that can be harvested from the earth.

Ornamental “iron” fences are made from steel; an artificial product produced when carbon is combined with iron. This creates a more affordable fence that is easier to work with, but still displays the same properties as genuine wrought iron.

Common Applications

Ornamental iron: Decorative fences with details that are mass-produced with a more uniform look. Typically, it is made with fence posts, pickets, railing, iron gate, and a chain link.

Wrought iron: Fences, a hand railing, and balconies are handcrafted and customized with frame caps, fence post caps, scrolls, and collars, used for making wrought iron gates.

High-Quality Ornamental Fences

ace ornamental iron fence replacementOur ornamental iron fencing is the perfect, classic choice for those who want to enjoy views without sacrificing security. Quality construction and an elegant design make these fences a popular option in both residential and commercial settings.

These fences are designed for the long-lasting beauty of your home with durability in mind so that you can protect your property from intruders while still enjoying spectacular views of your surroundings or business district. Our fencing features the classic black design used in residential and commercial properties around the globe. 

Like other types of iron fences, ornamental iron fencing is known for its lasting quality. When you want a fence that will stand the test of time, let Austin Fence professionals help you with your fencing needs.

Differences Between Steel and Iron Gates

The two most popular materials for building a gate are iron or steel. Each metal has its benefits, but ultimately it comes down to your personal preference!

While the main difference between steel and iron is the amount of carbon in each of them, both materials have different advantages and disadvantages. We highly recommend our newest innovation of gates, where you can choose from steel or iron.

Steel is quite the trendy choice for residential gates. It’s a fresh, modernized look that gives your home an edge in this competitive market of looks and security! But don’t think steel isn’t as strong because it can be more robust than iron – just make sure you’re working with someone who knows what they’re doing, so no worries there at all.

Ace Fence Company Austin – Repair & Replacement has installed fences and gates in Austin for a very long time, earning ourselves a stellar reputation from businesses and homeowners. Experience the touch of professionals in handling iron fencing and iron gate projects at Ace Fence Company. 

Our team knows how much you value your privacy and security – they take their job service very seriously. While gates and fencing projects may not be the world’s most exciting job, it gives us an extreme sense of pride and accomplishment to know that we’re helping to achieve your needs in your property.

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