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Most homeowners in Austin, TX, choose wooden fences for their home properties and backyards. They are great in enhancing privacy, identifying property lines, and adding beauty to your home. However, wooden privacy fences are also highly prone to weather-related damage, including warping, rot, and general weathering damages. If you’re looking for a more desirable, timeless look to your home’s exterior in Austin, TX – it would be best to contact Ace Fence Company for all your fence staining needs.

How do you keep your wood fences from being damaged over time?

As we offer fence estimates for fence repair, fence staining, and restoration services, this is the most highly asked question. Since Austin has a wide variety of climates, one way to protect fences against UV rays and other weather conditions that can make wood rot or weaken its integrity is by applying stains or varnishes. For homeowners in need of an added layer protection for their fences, our team recommends using paint since they are generally opaque, preventing UV damage while also preventing moisture intrusion that could cause rotting on your property boundaries.

Our wood fence staining services include:

Power Washing

Before staining a structure, we should first remove unwanted stains, right? So, why is power washing better than just pressure washing when removing a stain? The main difference between power washing vs. pressure washing when eliminating stains is the heat generated from these two methods. A pressure wash uses cold water, whereas heated water generated from power washing produces more steam, making it easier to remove dirt, grimes, or stains on surfaces such as decks or fences. This is one of the prep work needed before staining your fences.

ace fence companyFence stains can range from mild to severe, with the latter, of course, being more difficult and requiring much attention. That’s why an experienced person should handle such jobs; they will know how much pressure is needed to remove all traces and avoid any scarring that may occur. Of course, it’s possible to do it yourself, but an experienced professional will be able to do it efficiently and get you the top-quality results you can get in staining.

Some of the main benefits of staining your fence include:

  • Increase the lifespan of your fence
  • Improved the aesthetic appeal
  • A better weather protection
  • Staining can reduce rotting and warping of the wood

Fence Repair & Installation

Why repair your fences as early as possible? It is essential to have your fence repaired early to avoid more damage that would affect the other areas in good shape. The Ace Fence Company Austin – Repair & Replacement team provides a detailed estimate of the costs that you will have for repairing and staining. We closely pay attention to the job that has to be done for you to save more money. You wouldn’t want to spend your cash on unnecessary repairs that you don’t even need. That’s why we choose a professional for an estimate for every client. We ensure that details on their work are intricate yet efficient.

Our company has customer service support and is open for those who want staining and repair services at a negotiable price. If you are one of them, leave your contact information and be one of our valued clients. Staining your wood privacy fence should never be less of a priority job! Contact us through our email and hotline numbers.

To learn more about our professional fence staining services here in Austin, TX, give us a call at (telephone number)!

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