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The fence is a critical part of every property. It protects the landscape from intruders, unwanted wild animals, and other trespassers while also providing privacy to homeowners. Many fences are available in fencing companies nowadays, such as wire mesh, chain link fencing, or even steel gates. However, for those who still want their home exposed without sacrificing safety, there is another option – bull panel fences!

These can be used both by businesses and residential properties alike because they’re highly versatile depending on your needs. For example, it may either serve as an iron gate at your front door when you need some extra security against burglars or allow easy access through its holes if you wish to keep wildlife out with ease.

Bull panel fences are typically seen as a part of an agricultural business, but you can also use them to keep people out. There is no need for the whole fence to be made from steel to make your property secure; just having some pieces here and there does wonders. In Austin, TX alone, Ace Fence Company offers fencing services that will help you find the perfect match for beauty and security on your piece of land.

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What exactly makes us different from the others?

A fence is a material that secludes and protects. So, if you’re looking for the best way to protect your property from trespassers in Austin, Texas, Ace Fence Company – Repair & Replacement is here to help! We have bull panel and cattle panel fences – both of which are perfect options when it comes to enhancing your property’s aesthetics while protecting it at once! We can make sure you get what you need with these fencing projects: security without sacrificing beauty.

Bull Panel Fence for Landscape

Are you interested in a fence that will protect your property’s views? If so, then the Bull Panel Fence is just what you’re looking for! This unique combination of wood and metal provides an aesthetically pleasing way to keep people out while not inhibiting the view. Austin residents love this type because you can combine traditional materials like wood or stone for an attractive look that blends well into any environment while still maintaining your privacy!

Bull Panel Fence for Livestock

For the ultimate in livestock protection, a bull panel fence is your best bet. With this type of fencing, you can be sure that any creature on your property will stay secure while still maintaining an open view so you can keep track of them at all times.

For those who have animals to take care of and want sturdy protection without compromising their views across the land – then a Bull Panel Fence for Livestock is just what they need!

Cattle Panel Fence

Privacy is of utmost importance to many homeowners. That’s why the cattle panel fence was created in a traditional style and maintains your backyard views while adding more rustic appeal with its ruggedness.

Cattle Panel Trellis

If you’re looking for a great way to increase the growing space in your garden, a simple cattle panel trellis does the job just as effectively as these more costly options.

Additional Uses for Cattle Panel Fence

While cattle panels can be used to create pens for livestock such as cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and horses, you can also use them to safeguard your precious garden!

How guaranteed are you to get a long-lasting bull panel fence?

Our bull panel fences and cattle panel fences are made from high-quality materials from wood or lumber, steel, and panels. Ace Fence Company works with top-rated local suppliers to bring your fence or gate the absolute best materials for the job. We create structures that will withstand the test of time and weather. We know how extreme the climate can be in Austin; that’s why we ensure that our materials are durable.

Whether you’re a commercial or a residential customer, our custom-built iron fences are just what you need! Experience the Ace Fencing Company of Austin, TX, and be one of our satisfied customers!

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