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Austin Fence Replacement Experts

Ace Fence Company is an expert Austin fence replacement company, working with numerous materials such as wooden privacy fences, chain link security fences, and ornamental iron fences. No matter the type of fence you need, we have the tools, materials, and expertise to repair or replace your fence effectively, we’ll even install a new fence for you.

We make sure that your old fence is removed and disposed of according to state guidelines, recycling old wood and metal wherever we can. Once that is complete, we make sure to build your replacement fence with secure foundations, keeping it sturdy and stable for decades to come.

Wood Privacy Fence Replacement

Wooden privacy fences can become weathered and unsightly over time, reducing your home’s aesthetic value. We replace wood privacy fences for affordable rates, giving your yard that classic suburban look once again without breaking the bank!

Chain Link Fence Replacement

Made to keep your property secure in a cost-effective manner, chain link fences are an integral security feature of many homes and commercial premises. We replace chain link fences at very competitive rates using high-quality materials.

Ornamental Iron Fence Replacement

Ornamental iron fences may rust or fade over time, losing the original charm that made them so nice to look at. Here at Ace Fence Company, we replace ornamental iron fences according to your custom needs, creating a structure that outshines its predecessor.

High Quality Materials

With the constant threat of extreme temperatures, wind, hailstorms, and vandalism, it’s essential to make sure that your fence is strong and stable. As a result, the team at Ace Fence Company – Repair & Replacement uses only the highest-quality materials sourced from local suppliers in the Austin area.

Our team pride themselves on their supreme craftsmanship, so it’s important to them that their work is strong, sturdy, and secure for years to come. We use state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and training to ensure that our fence replacements are premium quality, erecting fences that will keep your property’s perimeter safe.

Why Work With Us?

Ace Fence Company is one of Austin’s best fence replacement and installation companies – you can see our work all around the city already! Our professional contractors pride themselves on their craftsmanship, creating bespoke fences that meet your needs. We can build or weld any fence you need, whether its wooden, chain link, iron, or metal.

Our team is dedicated to customer care and top-tier service, turning up on time and completing the work within the desired timeframe. We are polite and professional at all times, making you feel totally at ease while we work to get your property that fancy new fence it deserves.

Your Privacy and Security is Our Top Priority

Everyone wants to feel safe in their home, just as everyone is entitled to their privacy. We take these factors very seriously when building your replacement fence, working with your specifications and desires to create bespoke fences that meet your every need, no matter how big or small.

We carefully plan all of our fencing projects to maximize privacy and security for your property, taking into account the surrounding buildings, nearby vantage points, and valuables you might want to hide from sight with your fence. Ultimately, we want you to feel safe and relaxed in your home.

Professional Fence Replacement Contractors

We are professional fence replacement contractors serving Austin and the surrounding areas, helping you to replace fences made from wood, chain link, iron, and any other material. It doesn’t matter what kind of design or ground we’re working with – our team has the solutions and state-of-the-art tools to help.

Ace Fence Company replaces fences for residential and commercial customers, helping to keep your property safe and secure whether it’s a school, factory, or suburban house. Our rates are very affordable and our work is always done on time, earning us a strong reputation as professional fence contractors in the local community.

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Is your fence a little old and flimsy? If you’re looking for fence replacement in Austin, why not give Ace Fence Company a call today? A member of the team will be able to arrange a free quote for you, allowing you to budget for the price and make the best decision as an informed buyer. Our price estimates are very transparent and accurate – we don’t believe in hidden fees. Get in touch today!