Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas

Museum of the WeirdMuseum of the Weird is a must-see for any history buff. The Museum features an odd assortment of artifacts. Guests can even buy unique gifts from its gift shop. You may be astonished by the bizarre exhibits. Here are a few of Austin’s oddities that you should definitely check out:

Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve

If you’re looking for a place to escape the busy city, you’ll love the Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve. With its ponds and peacocks, this park offers a slice of Old Austin in a posh West Austin neighborhood. Explore the park’s peacocks and ponds, or take a guided tour of the museum.

For an unusual Austin attraction, check out Snake Island, also known as the Arlington of Texas. This place is home to hundreds of cactuses and is considered to be Austin’s quintessential park. You can visit the peacock family and whimsical lily pad pond from 3505 West 35th Street. Fairy Alley is an art installation that features dozens of tiny fairytale houses and tons of little details.

Museum of the Weird

If you love strange things, you’ll want to check out the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas. It has everything from strange artifacts to bizarre exhibits. The museum also features a gift shop. Once you’ve seen all the fascinating oddities on display, you might be ready to buy a souvenir. If you’re planning a trip to Austin, the Museum of the Weird is an ideal place to start.

The Museum of the Weird is located in a former warehouse, which has a fascinating history. You can see everything from a Fiji mermaid to a cyclops pig. It is even home to mummies and two-headed chickens. You can see sideshow acts as well, including “The Amazing Face” or a live wire. The performers work for tips, so be sure to tip them well! Check it out here

Museum of the Weird


If you love the unusual, you will surely appreciate the museum’s exhibits. The museum offers a wide range of wacky items and has a gift shop with a wide variety of oddities. If you are interested in a particular item, you can even purchase it right in the museum. You will find the entire experience very fun. But do not forget to plan some time for shopping in the gift shop.

A real human skeleton and a suit of armor are just some of the freakish items in the Museum of the Weird. The museum is a homage to the dime museums and cabinets of curiosities of the past. Visiting the Museum of the Weird is a must for everyone. It is fun for the whole family and is definitely worth a visit!


The owners of Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas, know how to make their customers happy. The Museum offers a wide range of oddities, which are sure to satisfy the most irrational person. In addition to the museum itself, the museum also offers a gift shop. A visit to the museum is sure to leave you amazed and begging for more. Here are some tips for making your experience a memorable one.

Discover More about Austin. The owners of Museum of the Weird are Steve and Veronica Busti. Steve Busti, a native Austinite, started out as a small trinket vendor. He quickly realized that the real treasure was in amassing a large collection of oddities. The museum opened in 2007, paying homage to the dime museums and cabinets of curiosities that were once popular in cities across the country.

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