Before I Die Wall Austin TX

Before I Die Wall Austin TX

Have you ever contemplated what you would do if you only had a little time to live?

The Before I Die Wall in Austin, TX, is a unique way for people to share their aspirations and goals with the world. It’s an interactive public art installation that encourages individuals to reflect on their lives and think about what truly matters to them.

The concept originated from artist Candy Chang who created the first wall in New Orleans after losing someone close to her. Since then, it has become an international movement, with over 5,000 walls installed in over 75 countries.

In Austin, the Before I Die Wall can be found on South Congress Avenue near Riverside Drive, attracting locals and tourists alike. Whether writing down a personal goal or leaving an inspiring message for others, this simple yet powerful project invites everyone to contemplate how they want to live before they die. More

History Of The Before I Die Wall

The Before I Die Wall in Austin, TX, is a famous tourist attraction and an iconic piece of public art. It has become one of the most recognized landmarks in Texas due to its unique concept and design.

The wall was created by Candy Chang in 2011 after she lost someone close to her. The idea behind the wall is simple yet powerful: it encourages people to share their hopes, dreams, and aspirations with others.

Visitors are invited to write on the blackboard walls with chalk what they want to do before they die. The messages range from humorous to profound, making the wall a true reflection of humanity’s desires.

Over time, the wall has become more than just a place for people to express themselves; it has become a sign of hope and inspiration for those visiting it.

Inspiration Behind The Wall

The Before I Die Wall caught the attention of many tourists visiting Austin, Texas. This idea originated from artist Candy Chang, who created this project after losing someone she loved.

The wall is a simple but powerful concept allowing people to write their dreams and aspirations publicly. As you walk along the wall and read through some of the messages left behind by individuals, it will strike how universal the desires are despite the differences in backgrounds or circumstances.

Some wrote about wanting to travel the world, others wished for love or family, while others wanted happiness. The pictures taken with the wall as a backdrop were also proof of its impact – tourists and locals alike were all drawn to this unique way of expressing themselves.

Impact Of The Before I Die Wall

Beyond its aesthetic appeal lies something much more profound – an impact that has touched countless lives.

The wall has become a symbol of hope, inspiration, and community for many visiting it. Everyone leaves their mark on the wall, from tourists to locals alike, by writing down what they want to do before they die. And through this simple act, strangers come together as one unified group, bound by their shared humanity and dreams for the future.

The impact of the Before I Die Wall is undeniable – it brings joy, laughter, and tears to all those who encounter it.

Before I Die Wall Austin TX

Experiences Of Visitors To The Wall

The wall was covered in colorful chalk writings of people’s deepest desires and aspirations. Some were funny or lighthearted, while others made me pause and ponder life’s complexities. One visitor wrote, ‘Before I die, I want to build my own house.’ Another wrote, ‘Before I die, I want to plant trees everywhere.’ Read more

These words will remind you that no matter how different we may seem on the surface, our fundamental desires are often similar. The Before I Die Wall reminds us that even though we all have unique experiences and backgrounds, at our core, we share a human connection through our passions and ambitions.

It is clear that this simple yet profound art installation has left a lasting impact on many visitors. It reminds us of our humanity and encourages us to connect beyond superficial differences.

The legacy of this wall extends far beyond its physical boundaries – it inspires us to recognize the importance of living fully and chasing after what truly matters in life.

Legacy Of The Before I Die Wall In Austin

Many visitors have left feeling inspired and reflective.

The messages that are written on the wall range from humorous to poignant. It gives a glimpse into the hopes and dreams of individuals from all walks of life.

Some visitors have even returned multiple times to see how the wall has evolved.

But beyond just providing a space for people to express themselves, the legacy of the Before I Die Wall in Austin extends far more profoundly.

It has sparked conversations about mortality, community, and what truly matters in life.

It serves as a reminder that we are all human and share everyday experiences such as love, loss, and aspirations for the future.

As more cities adopt their versions of this interactive art installation, it is clear that the impact of the Before I Die Wall will continue to resonate with communities worldwide.


In conclusion, the Before I Die Wall in Austin has become a cultural landmark that has touched many lives. The wall continues to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to reflect on their dreams and aspirations. It reminds us that life is short and we should make every moment count.

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  • Name: Before I Die Wall Austin TX
  • Address: 206 E Elizabeth St, Austin, TX 78704, United States

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