The University of Texas at Austin School of Law

The University of Texas at Austin School of Law often referred to as Texas Law, is a public law school located in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1883, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious law schools in the United States. Texas Law has consistently ranked among the top 15 law schools in the country, and it is widely recognized for its strong academic programs, distinguished faculty, and vibrant community.

The University of Texas at Austin School of Law


The University of Texas School of Law was founded in 1883, and it was the first law school in Texas. At the time of its establishment, the law school had only one faculty member and eight students. Over the years, Texas Law has grown significantly, and today it is one of the largest law schools in the country, with over 1,200 students enrolled in its J.D. program.

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Texas Law offers a range of academic programs, including a J.D. program, LL.M. programs, and joint degree programs. The J.D. program is a three-year program that provides students with a comprehensive legal education. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the law, as well as the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers.

LL.M. programs are designed for students who have already earned a J.D. degree and want to specialize in a particular area of law. Texas Law offers LL.M. programs in a variety of areas, including business law, intellectual property law, international law, and tax law. These programs are designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and training in their chosen fields.

Joint degree programs allow students to earn both a J.D. degree and another degree in a related field, such as business or public affairs. Texas Law offers several joint degree programs, including J.D./MBA, J.D./M.P.A., and J.D./Ph.D.



Texas Law has a distinguished faculty that includes leading scholars and practitioners in the legal profession. The faculty is composed of over 100 full-time professors, many of whom are nationally recognized experts in their fields. In addition to their teaching and research, many faculty members are also involved in public service and advocacy work.


Texas Law has a vibrant community that includes students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The law school is known for its supportive and collegial environment, which fosters collaboration and mutual respect. Students at Texas Law have access to a wide range of resources and support services, including career services, academic advising, and student organizations.

The law school is also home to several centers and institutes that focus on specific areas of the law. These centers and institutes provide students with opportunities to engage in research, advocacy, and public service, and they also host conferences, symposia, and other events that bring together scholars, practitioners, and policymakers from around the world.

The University of Texas at Austin School of Law


Texas Law is located on the University of Texas at Austin campus, and it has several state-of-the-art facilities that provide students with a comfortable and modern learning environment. The law school’s main building, Townes Hall, houses classrooms, offices, a law library, and several other resources for students. In addition to Townes Hall, the law school has several other buildings on campus, including the Tarlton Law Library and the Judge William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting

If you’re planning to visit the University of Texas at Austin School of Law, here are some tips to keep in mind to help make your visit enjoyable and productive:

  1. Plan ahead: Before you visit, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you want to see and do at the law school. Review the law school’s website to learn about its academic programs, faculty, and community, and make a list of the areas you want to explore.
  1. Schedule a visit: The law school offers tours and information sessions for prospective students and visitors. Contact the admissions office to schedule a visit, and try to schedule your visit during the academic year when classes are in session so you can get a feel for what it’s like to be a student at Texas Law.
  1. Dress appropriately: Law school is a professional environment, so dress appropriately for your visit. Business attire is recommended, and avoid wearing casual or revealing clothing.
  1. Be respectful: While visiting the law school, be respectful of the students, faculty, and staff. Follow the rules and regulations of the school, and avoid disruptive behavior.
  1. Ask questions: Use your visit as an opportunity to learn as much as you can about law school. Ask questions of the admissions staff, professors, and students to gain insights into the academic programs, community, and culture of Texas Law.
  1. Attend events: The law school regularly hosts events, such as speaker series, symposiums, and networking events. If there’s an event happening during your visit, consider attending to learn more about the law school and meet other members of the community.
  1. Explore the campus: The University of Texas at Austin campus is one of the largest and most beautiful campuses in the country. Take some time to explore the campus, visit other departments and buildings, and get a sense of the larger university community.

Take notes: During your visit, take notes and record your impressions of the law school. This will help you remember the details of your visit and make informed decisions about your future plans.


In summary, the University of Texas at Austin School of Law is a top-tier law school that is known for its academic excellence, distinguished faculty, and vibrant community. With a long and storied history, Texas Law has earned a reputation as one of the most respected law schools in the country. Its location in Austin, a vibrant and dynamic city with a thriving legal community, makes it an attractive destination for students who want to pursue a legal career in Texas and

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