Texas Capitol Visitors Center

Texas Capitol Visitors CenterIf you’re planning a visit to Austin, Texas, you might be wondering what else there is to see and do. The capital of the Lone Star State is a great place for visitors of all ages: it has something for everyone. It’s also home to many popular attractions, including the state capitol building itself. The Texas Capitol Visitors Center is on the first floor of this iconic landmark. It is located at 112 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78701. If you’re interested in learning more about how your state government works and why it was built the way it was, this attraction will answer all your questions and more. Here are nine interesting facts about the Texas Capitol Visitors Center that you should know before visiting: Read This.

The Texas Capitol Grounds

The Texas Capitol grounds are incredible. They are, without a doubt, the most impressive state capitol grounds in the entire country. The grounds include more than 4,000 acres of land, making them larger than the city of San Antonio and more extensive than the entirety of all of the other 50 states combined. If you’re interested in exploring the impressive grounds and even trying a little exploring yourself, check out our guide on the best places to see in Austin. The grounds are also home to numerous monuments, including the World War II Memorial, a statue of the famous Sam Houston monument, and the Mount Vernon Trail. You also have the option of visiting the Texas State Cemetery, which is the final resting place for thousands of Texans, including many members of the state legislature and the first state governor, Stephen F. Austin. If you’re interested in learning more about the history and significance of the grounds, you can visit the Texas Capitol Visitors Center for a tour. The center also has an exhibit on the grounds’ natural history, which includes information on the plants and animals that inhabit the grounds. Refer to This Page.

Texas Capitol Visitors Center

State Government and the Capitol

There are numerous ways to explore the state government of Texas at the Capitol. Many of these options, like visiting the Texas Capitol Visitor Center, are completely free. The Texas Capitol Visitor Center has an outstanding exhibit that lets visitors learn more about government in the Lone Star State. You can also visit the Capitol Rotunda, which is located on the first floor of the building and is open to the public. Visitors can tour the Texas Senate and the Texas House of Representatives. There are also other features of the building, like the lobby, that are open to the public and where you can explore. The Capitol building itself is amazing. It’s the sixth-largest capitol in the country, and it was designed to be reminiscent of the architecture of ancient Greece. It’s located on the grounds of the Texas Capitol, and it’s usually decorated for special occasions, including the Independence Day Celebration and the Texas State Capitol Holiday Celebration. You can visit the Capitol Grounds to see the building, but you’ll also have the option of visiting the Capitol Visitor Center on the first floor of the building.

Interesting Facts You’ll Find at the Visitors Center

One of the most interesting facts you’ll find at the Texas Capitol Visitors Center is that the building itself is a state landmark. This means that the Texas Capitol building is one of the few buildings in the country to be recognized as a landmark that represents the state. Want to learn more about the importance of Texas’ role in American history? The center has a great exhibit that covers the history of Austin and the state of Texas. You can also learn a lot by exploring the center’s artifacts. The center has a collection of books and artifacts from the early days of the state of Texas. As you explore the center’s artifacts, keep an eye out for some of the surprising facts you’ll find. You might be surprised to learn that for years, Texas had a state bird, state flower, state reptile, and state mineral. The state mineral, however, was eventually removed from the list because of the economic impact it had on the state.


The Texas Capitol Visitors Center is a great way to learn more about the state government in Texas and the history behind it. The Capitol grounds and building are also incredible, so if you’re visiting, you should definitely spend some time exploring. The center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, and it’s a great place to learn about the state of Texas and the people who helped make it the way it is today.

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