Hotel Ella

Hotel Ella

Hotel Ella, a boutique hotel in the heart of Austin, Texas, is known for its luxurious accommodations and rich history.

It’s housed in the Goodall Wooten House, built in 1900 by prominent local physician Dr. Goodall Wooten and his wife, Ella Newsome Wooten, for whom the hotel is named.

The historic mansion has been meticulously restored to maintain its original architectural charm while offering guests modern amenities and top-notch service. Learn more

This stunning property seamlessly blends classic elegance with contemporary style, making it an ideal destination for business and leisure travelers.

With its prime location near downtown Austin and the University of Texas campus, Hotel Ella is a convenient base for exploring all these vibrant city offers.

Whether attending a conference or simply looking to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing, you’ll find comfort and relaxation in this unique home away from home.

The Rich History Of Goodall Wooten House

The Goodall Wooten House, now known as Hotel Ella, is a historic boutique hotel in Austin, Texas. Constructed between 1898 and 1900 by the prominent local architect Charles Henry Page, this elegant mansion was built initially for Dr. Goodall H. Wooten and his wife, Ella Newsome Wooten. Refer to This Page for More Tips

The couple were members of influential Texan families. Their residence reflected their social status within the community; it quickly became a center for lavish events and gatherings among Austin’s high society.

Over time, the Goodall Wooten House underwent several renovations that kept its original character intact while accommodating modern amenities to suit changing lifestyles. In 2013, it was transformed into Hotel Ella after an extensive restoration that preserved many of the building’s historical features, such as its grand wraparound veranda and ornate woodwork designs.

Today, guests can enjoy luxurious accommodations surrounded by relics from Austin’s past at this unique heritage property that has played host to numerous notable personalities throughout its storied history.

Luxurious Accommodations And Amenities

At Hotel Ella, guests can experience the height of luxury with its well-appointed accommodations and top-notch amenities. The hotel’s elegant guest rooms and suites are designed to provide a comfortable retreat while combining modern conveniences with historic charm. Each room is thoughtfully decorated, featuring plush bedding, spacious work areas, and unique artwork that reflects the property’s rich history. Additionally, floor-to-ceiling windows allow for ample natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere where visitors can relax and unwind after exploring Austin.

The upscale amenities at Hotel Ella ensure that every stay is unforgettable. Guests have access to facilities and services that cater to their every need:

– A stunning outdoor pool surrounded by lush gardens and private cabanas

– An on-site fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art exercise machines

– Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property

– Valet parking service for added convenience

– Goodall’s Kitchen, a sophisticated restaurant offering locally-inspired cuisine

These luxurious offerings enhance each guest’s experience at Hotel Ella, making it the ideal destination for those seeking elegance, comfort, and style during their visit to Austin.

Whether traveling for business or fun, guests will be enveloped in luxury as they enjoy world-class hospitality from attentive staff members who strive to create lasting memories amid this historical setting.

Exceptional Dining Experiences

Hotel Ella

Building on its reputation for providing luxurious accommodations and top-notch amenities, Hotel Ella also boasts exceptional dining experiences catering to its clientele’s discerning palate.

The hotel’s in-house restaurant, Goodall’s Kitchen, showcases a menu with an eclectic mix of local and international flavors. This stylish restaurant offers guests a refined yet approachable culinary journey, complemented by impeccable service and an elegant atmosphere.

The culinary team at Goodall’s Kitchen is dedicated to sourcing high-quality ingredients from local farmers and purveyors while incorporating global influences into their dishes. With a focus on seasonal produce, the chefs craft creative menus that showcase the best regional cuisine and contemporary American fare.

Paired with carefully curated wine selections, handcrafted cocktails, and warm hospitality, dining at Hotel Ella becomes not just a meal but an exceptional experience for all who partake.

Convenient Location In Austin

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, Hotel Ella offers luxurious accommodations and a prime location for guests seeking to explore the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. This elegant boutique hotel is situated near an array of popular attractions, making it an ideal choice for leisure and business travelers.

With its convenient location in Austin, there are numerous reasons why staying at Hotel Ella will enhance your visit to this lively Texan capital:

1. Proximity to key attractions: The hotel is within walking distance or a short drive from many renowned sites, such as The University of Texas at Austin, the Texas State Capitol building, and various museums and art galleries.

2. Access to transportation: Public transportation options like buses and trains provide easy access around the city. At the same time, taxis and rideshare services offer additional convenience for those who prefer private transportation.

3. Abundance of dining options: A diverse range of restaurants can be found nearby, ensuring plenty of choices for satisfying your palate during your stay.

As you plan your following trip to the thriving city of Austin, consider booking a comfortable room at Hotel Ella, where an unforgettable experience awaits amidst luxury amenities and unparalleled service.

Its strategic position ensures that you get the most out of your time exploring everything this exciting destination has to offer – visiting historical landmarks or indulging in mouth-watering local cuisine.

Make lasting memories easily by choosing Hotel Ella as your home base on your next adventure through the captivating world within Austin’s borders.

Nearby Attractions And Activities

Hotel Ella is conveniently located near various attractions and activities catering to diverse interests.

One notable nearby attraction is the University of Texas at Austin, which boasts an impressive campus with beautiful architecture and a rich history. Visitors can also explore cultural institutions such as the Blanton Museum of Art, Bullock Texas State History Museum, or the Harry Ransom Center—all within walking distance from Hotel Ella.

For those seeking outdoor activities while staying at Hotel Ella, Pease Park offers expansive green spaces for picnicking, jogging, or simply enjoying nature’s beauty. The garden also serves as a platform for various events throughout the year.

Additionally, guests can immerse themselves in Austin’s vibrant music scene by attending live performances at iconic venues like Antone’s Nightclub or Stubb’s Bar-B-Q—just minutes from the hotel.

With its prime location near these exciting attractions and activities, Hotel Ella provides an ideal home base for exploring all Austin offers.

Events And Meeting Spaces

Having explored the plethora of attractions and activities in Hotel Ella’s vicinity, guests may also be interested to know that this luxurious establishment offers exceptional events and meeting spaces. These facilities are designed to accommodate various gatherings, from corporate conferences to intimate celebrations.

Hotel Ella boasts several indoor and outdoor event venues suited for various occasions. The elegant ballroom provides an exquisite setting for large social functions or business meetings. At the same time, smaller rooms cater to more private affairs.

Outdoor spaces include lush gardens with picturesque backdrops, offering charm and sophistication for memorable events. Whether hosting a professional conference or celebrating a milestone moment, Hotel Ella ensures every detail is perfectly tailored.

Booking Your Stay At Hotel Ella

Booking your stay at Hotel Ella is a seamless process, ensuring guests have an exceptional experience when they reserve their accommodations.

Potential patrons can book directly through the hotel’s official website or by contacting the reservations department via phone.

As one of Austin’s premier boutique hotels, you’ll immerse yourself in a sophisticated atmosphere tailored for business and leisure travelers.

Some highlights of staying at Hotel Ella include:

– Luxurious guest rooms and suites offering modern amenities and classic charm

– Fine dining experiences featuring innovative cuisine crafted by renowned chefs

– A beautifully manicured courtyard perfect for relaxation or intimate gatherings

– Proximity to notable attractions such as The University of Texas campus, downtown Austin, and vibrant cultural scenes

When planning a visit to this elegant haven, it is critical to consider aspects such as room availability during peak seasons, special offers on extended stays, and potential events within the property.

Visitors can customize their time at Hotel Ella to align with personal preferences and interests while maximizing value.

Moreover, attentive staff members aim to accommodate every request made by guests throughout their stay – providing unparalleled service that contributes towards fostering unforgettable memories which last long after check-out has occurred, leaving guests eager to return for future visits, recommend the experience to friends and family, and maintain a lasting positive impression of the establishment.


In conclusion, Hotel Ella offers guests an unforgettable experience with its rich history, luxurious accommodations, and exceptional dining options.

Its prime location in Austin allows visitors to explore the city’s attractions while enjoying the charm of a historic mansion.

Take advantage of the chance to stay at this elegant hotel, which provides modern amenities and versatile event spaces for business and leisure travelers.

Book your stay at Hotel Ella today to discover all it offers!

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  • Address: 1900 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78705, United States
  • Phone: +18447201497
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours:
    Check-in time: 3:00 PM
    Check-out time: 12:00 PM

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