French Legation State Historic Site

French Legation State Historic Site If you have ever wanted to learn more about the French people, you must go to the French Legation State Historic Site Austin TX. Located in the home of a former French diplomat, this historical site has an educational museum about the history of France in Texas. The museum has a number of fascinating exhibits, including a display on the history of Austin’s French community. You can also tour a historic French embassy, or simply get a sense of the local culture by visiting the museum. Read This Page The historic site is free to the public on Saturday. Staff-guided tours are available Monday through Saturday. There is also a reconstructed kitchen. Visit the website to learn more about the hours of operation and ticket prices. While visiting the site, be sure to bring your camera to snap some pictures. While there, you may even catch a SXSW show live on the stage. After visiting the French Legation, you may also want to check out the rest of the French Legation State Historic Site Austin TX. Visit This Webpage. The project is working to restore the building’s original features from the Republic Era. As the community provides input, the renovation project is focusing on enhancing and preserving these features. The project also aims to reimagine the site in a way that celebrates the rich diversity of the neighborhood. As well as preserving the local history, it will also provide a space for emerging artists. So, if you are interested in learning more about the city’s rich history, you can visit the French Legation State Historic Site Austin TX! While you’re visiting the French Legation State Historic Site Austin TX, make sure to check out the French Embassy as well. This historic site dates back to the time of the Republic of Texas, 1836-1845. It was the first foreign country to recognize Texas’ independence. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The French Legation is the oldest building in Austin, and its museum is quite interesting. French Legation State Historic Site During the early 1840s, Austin was the capital of the Republic of Texas, and this was why it required a small diplomatic corps to keep order. In 1840, Jean Pierre Isidore Alphonse Dubois arrived in the city as the French charge d’affaires, a representative of the French government in the absence of an ambassador. During his stay in Austin, he hosted elaborate dinner parties in his cabin. However, there were a number of conflicts between Dubois and Richard Bullock. In fact, they came to blows during the 1841 Pig War. The property is now owned by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, a lineal organization. To join, you must prove your Texas ancestry before 1845. A member of the DRT may be a descendant of Count de Saligny. He purchased the property from Moseley Baker, who served in the Republic of Texas Congress. In 1949, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas received management of the site.

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